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How does it all work? was designed to simply and easily let Truck Owners know which Contractors are looking to hire trucks and to let Contractors contact hundreds, even thousands, of Truck Owners with a few clicks of their mouse.

Example: Let’s say a Contractor won the bid to pave the local shopping center parking lot and they figure they’ll need 10 tri-axles to get the job done over the next three days. They’ll go on, put in the details for the job, and post the load. Text messages and/or emails will be sent to selected Trucking Companies (their “Favorites”) or to all Trucking Companies registered on that are located near the start or end location of the load with tri-axles in their fleet. If the Truck Owner wants to put his truck(s) to work on the job, they will contact the Contractor to work out the details.

I’m a Truck Owner. Why should I sign up for lists your truck in the world’s largest directory of dump truck owners, allowing contractors to search for and contact your business directly. You will be able to search the country for loads and backhauls, allowing you to keep your truck on the road more often and putting more money in your pocket. You’ll receive notifications by text message and/or e-mail about all loads in your area for which you are qualified, and you can also choose to receive notifications for jobs elsewhere in the country that are suitable for relocation if you’re willing to move for seasonal work.

I’m a contractor. Why should I sign up for gives you the most powerful yet simple-to-use tool in construction trucking. You can quickly and easily let hundreds or even thousands of Truck Owners know that you need to hire trucks, or you can search our directory to find the Truck Owners you know and trust to add them to your list of Favorites, allowing you to send your loads to a more limited audience. You’ll save money by eliminating brokers and other middlemen from the equation, allowing you to contact and negotiate with Truck Owners directly.

How much does it cost? is completely FREE!

Then how do you make money?

We plan to offer premium options and benefits in the near future that you can choose to take advantage of for a low price, but if not, rest assured that our basic service of bringing Dump Truck Owners and Contractors together will always be free.

I don’t want my competition seeing the details of the loads I post. How can I avoid this?

You can choose to add the companies that you know and trust to your list of Favorites and choose to send your loads to only those companies. If you are still concerned, search our directory for your competition to add them to your Block list.

I can’t see the details of a job. What’s going on?

There are a few things that could be happening. One possibility is that the contractor chose to send it the load directly to companies on their list of Favorites. Another possibility is that the contractor placed your business on its Block list. Finally, you could simply not have trucks in your fleet matching the contractor’s requirements for the job.

Can I choose who I do business with?

Yes! Our sole purpose is to bring truck owners and contractors, the two sides of the equation, together. Once the load is posted and the notifications are sent out, we are no longer involved in the transaction. If you are a contractor, you determine for yourself if a trucking company’s trucks and insurance meet your requirements. Likewise, truck owners choose whether or not to work for a contractor after evaluating the rate, the time until payment, etc.

Where does your service work?

We have contractors and truck owners in all fifty states. Though we’re limited to the United States at the moment, we are currently planning our expansion into Canada and Mexico later this year and then on to the rest of the world.

Can I add sub-users to my account?

Yes! Give access to your dispatchers, foremen, etc., who you would like to view and work on your account by adding additional users to your account.
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